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Scope AV are a leading Audio Visual Systems integrator. Specialising in Consultation, Design, Integration & Maintenance. Offering tailored solutions for projects of all sizes for all Commercial Buildings. Scope AV have the experience and expertise to deliver all designs no matter how complex, and integrate with all IoT solutions.

The goal of the AV consultation, design, and the integration process, is for the End User to be given a system that balances functionality & aesthetics, with no compromising on quality.

We consult with the End User on their needs and create bespoke solutions to fit. However, the client is also working with the fitout contractor/architect on a vision for how their space should look. We focus on seamlessly blending our technology into this vision.

We introduce our clients to cutting edge AV & Automation systems and use their preferences to settle on a design that works best for their organisations.

Our systems are design to simplify, not complicate,  the user experience and interaction through automation, intuitive graphical interfaces and system workflow rules.

Our Solutions

Room Automation & Control Interfaces

Expensive technological solutions are wasted when the control system is too complex for even one user in an organisation. At Scope AV, our Crestron Control strategy is to implement graphical interfaces with simple icon based pre-set options. Our experienced designers and commissioning engineers can design a simplified control system for any scale of fit-out. We will incorporate your organisation branding and take your preferences into account.

We will automate as much of the system as possible to guarantee a stress free and consistent staff experience

Digital Signage

Digital signage adds value to any organisation. Utilising signage to share key information with staff and client is both flexible and affordable. Scope AV is a registered Sony partner with an expertise in building wide cloud signage systems. These systems are natively supported on the Sony range of 4K screens. The cloud licenses can be updated from any web browser and can integrate into a more comprehensive Sony TEOS manage building management solution.

Scope AV can also offer signage solution with less traditional screens. Information Kiosks (both touch and non-touch), mosaic wall designs, ultra slim OLED. We will design a signage system to meet your specific needs

Video Conferencing

The modern workspace has evolved beyond close conferencing systems. Open ending unified communications is the future. The BYOC (Bring your own Codec) revolution means user want to seamlessly join conferences from their own personal devices.

Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Hangout – At Scope AV we recommend the optimal hardware based on the meeting room features to guarantee the perfect user experience. Clear Video, crisp audio and hassle free. This is how Scope AV design Video conferencing systems.

Video Wall & LED

It is impossible not to have your eyes drawn to a large Digital Screen installation. A great video wall or LED Wall captures the imagination of both staff & clients and can boost the prestige of any reception or entrance. They boost the resolution, clarify and brightness of any image or video.

We are not limited to a standard 16:9 screen ratio. Scope AV can provide design consultation, options and visual to help your organisation achieve a unique digital centre piece for your building.

Room Booking:

Maximising the efficient allocation of meeting spaces is crucial for organisations of all sizes. Scope AV can supply room booking solutions that provide a physical indicator of the current and upcoming availability status of your meeting spaces. More complex systems we offer cancel a booking if the room is unoccupied after a set period of time, provide room usage analytics (how often is a 10-person meeting room being used for one-one meetings) or have meeting specific information showing on the room display before the meeting starts i.e. show client branding on the screen.

Our preference of system is both Crestron or Sony, but we can integrate any providers systems to sync with your internal calendars.


Scope AV specialise in Townhall and auditorium AV solution. We have designed and integrated complete systems for large organisations that have had widely difference spaces and requirements: Dual projection systems, multi-camera systems for recording, streaming or conferencing broadcasting, complex multiple microphone solutions for both local speakers and recording, streaming or conferencing broadcasting. We design our systems in partnership with our different audio partners to ensure complete coverage. Our Crestron expertise ensures the very best in signal distribution and control systems.

Wireless Presentation Systems

The trend in meeting and collaboration room is to eliminate the need any cable infrastructure between the desk and display. This saves money and also lead to a less cluttered desk. Scope AV have a catalogue of license, network and USB based wireless presentation systems (Sony TEOS connect, Crestron Air Media, Barco Clickshare).

Most excitingly, by the end of Q1 2020 Scope AV will be able to offer a completely cableless desk. Battery powered Boardroom desks are nearly here. Please contact us with any questions on the DC Power revolution

Interactive Surfaces

We use touch technology every day in our personal lives. Interactive solutions for the professional environment are now here and our partner Avocor are leading the way. Scope AV will advise the optimal whiteboarding solution to meet your needs and budget. This technology will transform your meeting spaces by revolutionising how your teams share information and present content. The screens will behave like a wall mounted Windows 10 touch interface. Avocor offer an entry level IR solution, a high end in glass touch option and have partnered with Microsoft to supply to replacement for the Microsoft Surface Hub.

If you are looking for a basic touch solution for menu navigation or visitor check-in etc; Scope AV can offer options.

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