The latest in green, renewable and IoT connected energy heating and ventilation systems

About Scope energy

Scope Energy provide renewable energy heating and ventilation systems. Supplying the very latest in IoT connected Heat Pump technology solutions.

Scope Energy are a premium partner & supplier for Toshiba heat pumps in Ireland, supplying the very latest heat pumps utilising the most efficient technology.

We supply heat pumps for the Domestic Market and Exhaust Air Systems for the large Residential Apartment Sector

Scope Energy are partners with Toshiba in Ireland.

Best in Class Energy Efficient Heat Pumps – with a COP of 4.88*

With its best in class COP performance, the Toshiba Estia air to water heat pump system delivers more heating power with less energy consumption.

With the Toshiba advanced inverter, Estia air to water heat pump system only delivers the heating capacity required; thus consuming only the necessary electricity. The hot water temperature is also optimised thanks to Toshiba’s advanced control depending on the outside air temperature.

The advanced technology used in these Heat Pumps has positive impact on the electricity cost, and the whole community by reducing the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

One System, Full Combination Flexibility

One System Multiple Solutions

Toshiba Estía heat pump systems by Scope Energy, can be used in combination with different types of emitters: existing heating low temperature radiators, floor heating or fan coil units.

Environmentally Conscious

The use of Toshiba Estía heat pumps contribute to the reduction of global CO2 emissions in the atmosphere

The right temperature at the right time

Estia heat pumps can produce water at different temperatures for several applications simultaneously, operating smoothly both with low outdoor air temperature down to -20 °C in winter and up to 43°C in the summer season. The system has a unique anti-ice build-up protection embedded.

Easy to install

Quick and easy to install. The hydro module unit can be placed safely in the most suitable place within the house. There’s no need for chimney or underground captors which require additional works on site. The compact outdoor unit can be placed anywhere outside the house or on a balcony, thanks to extensive piping options.

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