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Design, installation and maintenance of structured data cabling & network infrastructure systems

About Scope iCom

Scope iCom are recognised for the last 20 years as one of Ireland’s leading installers of Structured Data Cabling Systems, Fibre Optic Networks, Wi-Fi Networks, Voice & Data Networking Systems and UPS technology, partnering with the world’s largest manufacturing companies.

Convergence is no longer an issue, It’s the answer

Scope iCom partner with only the best and most stable manufacturers across all solutions, to ensure they not only meet or exceed all the relevant standards and compliance guidelines & regulations, but have the financial stability and track record to support the lifetime of their products.

Our Solutions

Structured Cabling Systems – Cable Once©

Scope iCom  are a recognised and respected leader in the Structured Cabling field. Our experience blends technology with environment, allowing us not only design, supply, install and commission the solution but also to ensure your investment is protected.

We install systems from the top manufacturers like Brandrex, Commscope, Panduit and Excel across all platforms from Category 5E to Category 8. Our systems include Fibre Optic Cabling, the backbone for POL applications, and multi core in traditional telephony infrastructures.

Our cabling designs factor cost, longevity, performance, building structure and business case. Our designers consult on vendor independent solutions tailored to meet our clients individual and at times unique requirements under the “Cable Once©” banner to ensure procedural adherence and standards compliance across all our partner offerings.

All our work is fully project managed from concept to go live, all our systems are installed to the highest standards of excellence and all our work is fully guaranteed.

Data Centre Design

Building a Data Centre requires detailed planning informed by an intimate knowledge of the technologies that drive efficiency, performance and longevity. Scope iCom have invested in training our people to the latest standards and this together with years of experience places us in the unique position to be able to assist our clients from initial discussion to realisation. Together with our partners we have designed and installed Data Centres for our clients both in Ireland and throughout Europe. While our primary focus is in the structured cabling field we make it our business to work with the multidisciplinary team that such projects necessitate and in so doing we are part of the process that ensures the smooth and timely delivery of modern Data Centres. If you are an architect designing a building, or an IT manager tasked with planning your infrastructure we can assist you in ensuring that the IT design will exceed your requirements and the Equipment Room you employ is fit for purpose. The standard that offers minimum size requirements and recommendations for Equipment Rooms (ERs) is known as ANSI/TIA-569-B-2004, Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces.

IP Telephony

Scope iCom install and support both legacy Telephony and IP Telephony solutions. Our solutions range from localised to Cloud based, from remote office to the Enterprise.Years of experience in the telephony sector enables us to protect and prolong your investment in legacy technology while you budget, integrate and implement IP Telephony going forward.Our experience in data networking allows us to consult on how best to approach your telephony needs across wired, wireless and indeed computer integrated systems.With our partners we can advise you on what wide area connectivity solutions will enable you to make significant savings to your telephony budget and maximise your productivity.

Emerging Technologies

We live in a time of disruptive technology. It is said that the jobs people will do in the next 20 years do not exist today. iCom are primarily a technologies company with a focus on assurance. We believe in providing leading edge rather than bleeding edge solutions, solutions that are built for the future and guarantee the present.Our strength lies in our technical ability, our vision, our creativity; all coupled with sensible, invested and grounded wisdom. In the spirit of innovation we thrive on invention but we are always customer focused and nothing that has not been tried, tested and proven garners our support.Innovations such as LiFi are gaining traction. The technology has been around for some time and in future RF saturated environments it is set to provide a viable, complimentary and in some cases a superior solution.The IoT world is limited only by the imagination and as such we at iCom are invested in keeping pace with such innovations while at the same time researching and designing product solutions that will meet our client needs.

Network Hardware

LAN hardware has developed from the basic unmanaged standalone layer 2 10Mbps hub to the 10Gbps++ manageable switching platforms we see today.Modern switches have layer 3 functionality, port level security, Vlan configuration, POE, QoS and so much more.iCom design, configure, install and support the full range. Our designers consult on the best solution for your needs. We provide systems that integrate and support CCTV, Wifi, POE, DAS, POL, IP Telephony, Fiber Channel and IoT to name but a few.Our hardware solutions integrate fully with the cabling plant to enable current and future technologies, to provide an agile platform to meet our clients business needs with service level agreements tailored to requirement.

Passive Optical Networks

iCom Technologies, leveraging our experience in fiber optics and layer 2 networking, are pleased to bring the power of PON to the enterprise.Our Passive Optical Networking solution is the ideal infrastructure in a Hospital, Hotel, Stadium and the Enterprise. Based on Single Mode fiber cable capable of distances over many kilometres and supporting all current technologies a PON system will enable you to deliver the granularity your business requires.PON delivers future proofing, investment protection and unrivalled energy and space savings both in terms of Capex and Opex, while delivering the speed and bandwidth to drive your technology and protect your investment for decades to come.If you want to Cable Once© and to support all technologies, call Mark Neville on 01 8853350.

Distributed Antenna Systems

In-building mobile telephony is de-rigueur for the modern worker, for the needs of an ever increasingly agile workforce who are accustomed to the freedom and functionality of their cellular technology. While fixed wiring is undoubtedly here to stay, more and more companies are availing of technologies such as high bandwidth intelligent WiFi systems to supplement their connectivity requirements and to adapt to the needs of a technology savvy workforce capable of gaining maximum efficiency from ubiquitous access.Heretofore cellular coverage was measured geographically at the macro level to the stage where our expectations are high and as users we are intolerant of blind spots, loss of connectivity or indeed anything less that speedy internet access. This trend is only set to grow and 5G is being positioned to sate.What we are now experiencing is the negative effect modern building design has on coverage and people are no longer happy to walk outside or stand on the desk like you did with the coat hanger when everything was in black and white.Distributed Antenna Systems aren’t new, what is useful is the ability to deploy this technology over structured cabling. DAS is now set to compliment Wifi in the enterprise. RF used to be a magical science with engineers in lab coats building filter circuits tweaked to channel and those on site installing bulky and more often sulky coaxial cable that worked as long as you didn’t look at it sideways.This has changed and iCom Technologies have the solution.

Secure Power

The last thing anyone wants is a power glitch or failure corrupting your data.The importance of expertise in the area of secure power ensures that the solution meets the requirement. That your system is intolerant of failure. Scope iCom  have the skill sets necessary to specify, design, install and commission secure power systems for everything from an individual server to a complete Data Centre.If you see power security as an important consideration, call us on (01) 8853350.

WiFi and Cellular Network Planning

Scope iCom have been involved in the design and specification of WiFi networks since the beginning and we see in-building cellular as a rational extension to the trend towards ubiquitous coverage.The complexities contingent with higher speed WiFi and its co-location with Cellular active DAS, inside the building, necessitate not only an in-depth knowledge of the technologies but also an investment in the electronics necessary to model, plan and map the coverage area on the ground. What was once a WiFi Heat Map now needs to encompass the cohabitation of cellular systems and IoT technologies across all frequencies.Further to this relationships with the Telco providers, their partners and replete discussions with the end user are vital to ensuring systems are designed specific to the environment.The expectations and needs of the client and their customers must be informed by the trajectory of the technology.As a technology company with strong and long standing partners across the verticals Scope iCom can ensure that your project is delivered from aspiration to realisation.

Smart Hands

Our Smart Hands rubric covers areas such as:

  • Racking and Stacking and Data Centre build-outs
  • Re-Patching and Comms Room decluttering
  • UPS Maintenance – Battery replacement and network monitoring
  • Provision of remote connectivity – for example Putty Sessions
  • Moves and Installation of Office Computer systems
  • As built drawings, documenting and patching datasheets
  • Wi-Fi and Cellular Surveys

Cabinet Tidy

With the best will in the world cross connects and patching systems can become untidy and unmanageable over time. The pace of business can place the IT manager under pressure to deliver connectivity at short notice and doing so in a neat and tidy manner is not always feasible. To add to the woes keeping patching records moves to the list of lower priority things to do. Expedience takes over and since you know the system the tidy up can wait for a quiet period.iCom Technologies have the experience, the tooling and the people to rectify this situation.We will assess, quantify, design and upgrade your system and provide a detailed record for your new look manageable patching frame.

Our Products

Scope iCom  design, specify and configure the entire spectrum of Uninterruptible Power Supply systems. Everything from a single server to an Entire Data Centre.We have carried out works both in Ireland and Africa to the highest standards supporting clean, regulated and secure power to keep your systems working in any eventuality.

Brand-Rex (a Leviton Company) are market leaders in the field of manufacturing products which facilitate iCom Technologies in provisioning Structured Cabling Systems to our clients that meet and exceed all relevant international standards both in the copper and fibre optic arenas.Our long running association with the Brand-Rex range allows us to provide the security and assurance of full 25 year warranties to our clients in the knowledge that whether one chooses Category5E, Category6A or OM4 fibre, it will be guaranteed to provide a transport mechanism for all your communications needs.

iCom Technologies have worked with Commscope for many years. Our relationship with Commscope initially began with the world renowned SYSTIMAX Structured Cabling System and we have shared great success in provisioning systems throughout Ireland that carry their full 25 year warranty.Commscope now own the AMP and Krone brands which has allowed us to provide continued support for these products it their seemless transition to the Commscope family.

The Excel brand has been part of our portfolio for many years. Excel comes complete with a full 25 year warranty.The system provides end to end connectivity over fiber and copper and covers all international standards. Excel is available in all variations of shielded and unshielded wire configurations.The system is easy to install, robust and designed to meet with margin all international standards.

iCom Technologies have a long standing relationship with the Fluke brand and we rely on them to keep designing products that ensure our installed systems meet the strict criteria of the exhaustive testing standards we demand and our clients expect.Fluke have not only given us this peace of mind they have also increased the efficiency and speed of the testing and added useful cloud based upload functionality which permits our clients to track the progress of the installation in real time.In the fiber optic environment our Fluke testers not only support all mediums they also provide Full Encircled Flux compliance as per the TIA/ISO requirements.

Our Krone and Amp solutions now fall under the Commscope brand which allow us to continue to provide and support these products and their warranties under a common umbrella. Our association with both Krone and Amp Netconnect has been long standing and very successful and our engineers are fully certified in the design, installation and commissioning of these high end systems across all international standards.

Panduit is a global leader in physical infrastructure equipment providing systems from the Enterprise to the Data Centre. Our Panduit product offering covers the high end fully warrantied structured fiber optic and copper cabling systems, Data Center grade cabinet and containment systems and the internationally renowned PanMPO fiber optic backbone system.Panduit’s product range is top shelf fully end to end gold standard. Panduit certification has been a highly successful and welcome addition to our family of systems offerings.iCom Technologies have a prestigious list of clients who are extremely satisfied with our delivery of the Panduit Structured Cabling and containment systems.

We all have first-hand experience of PON, it’s the telco grade FTTH product that connects you to the internet and brings services your such as Triple Play to your Home.

We also know that copper is an expensive commodity and that fiber cable provides so much more in terms of bandwidth, security and reach.

DZS and iCom now provide new levels of excellence leveraging the power of Gpon, XGSPon and beyond, in the enterprise.

Using Five-9’s telco grade hardened hardware to ensure your network provides for growing bandwidth requirements as well as providing significant savings in power consumption, space and network management.

Modern Building Design has compounded the in-building signal coverage problem. Gone are the days when people were happy to step outside the building to make a call.

With Cel-Fi from Nextivity we have the solution. Full coverage extended to all internal areas of your premises across all three networks.

Contact Mark Neville at for a consultation.

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