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Scope LMC are a value added reseller and designer of premium electrical services solutions including the latest Lighting Control systems utilising IoT Technology

About Scope LMC

Scope LMC specialise in Floor & Desk Power Management distribution systems. Both IP & 2 Wire door entry systems and all Lighting Control systems utilising IoT.

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Why lighting controls?

Lighting controls, combined with LED lighting, can offer the greatest potential energy savings for your lighting − up to 90% in some applications.

Lighting Control sensors provide comfort and safety for a productive working environment, as well as driving significant energy efficiencies mentioned above. A carefully designed intelligent lighting Control system improves the experience in every room and building.

Hospital power supplies often have unique system requirements and lighting controls have to be very specific


  • Long Range Detection – mounting/sensitivity options, covering up to 25m in hospital corridor areas. (Installation dependent)
  • BUS Solution – intelligent solution for networks allowing you to create a system for controlling both essential and non essential lighting
  • Increased sensitivity – patient comfort and wellbeing whilst maximising savings
  • Improved patient and staff safety – with spaces lit appropriately automatically


Pedestrian / MHE – Accommodating the needs of both forklift trucks and pedestrians
Mounting Height – Mid-High Bay sensors can be mounted for inaccessible heights, programmable remotely from below
Aisle Illumination – Pre-lighting ahead of occupants so that they move into an already lit area for improved safety
Precise lens masking or lens tilting – Ensuring that aisles are not triggered by passing traffic
Regulating Photocells – Switch off luminaires when there is sufficient ambient light


Daylight Harvesting – Maximise to the full the advantages of ambient daylight
Space Control – Each row of lighting may have its own photocell/sensor or allow for area coverage (Installation dependant)
Absence or Presence detection – whereby lights can be activated manually or automatically, to maximise savings
Whiteboard Lighting – Operated as a separate switching group, Increasing levels of control
Occupancy Detection – Whole classroom not just the teaching desk area


Flexibility – changes in office layouts require quick, simple and non-intrusive re-programming
Precise lens masking and lens tilting – create virtual corridors for open plan layouts
Micro detection zones – precisely detect small movement to enhance the user experience
Manual override devices – for specific user adjustments
Productivity – Assists with ambiance and efficiency of a workspace.

Range of Solutions

From the most basic systems of absence/presence detection to a IoT nervous system for your entire building disguised as lighting control. LMC design and commission lighting control systems for organisations of any size.

FERMAX provides the most suitable technology for every type of audio/video door entry systems. LMC are the exclusive partner for FERMAX in Ireland.  The product range extends from classic 2 wire systems to cutting edge IP & cloud monitoring systems.



Fermax Duox is the leading 2 wire video door entry systems. It is the only fully digital 2 non polarized wires system on the market, enabling a unique technical advantage over all other systems. Quicker to install and with no margin for error.  There are no distributors nor switchers needed and installation is done simply with panel, power supply, line termination and monitor


FERMAX MEET IP system is a 100% IP system based on SIP P2P infrastructure. Its advantages over competitors is it is highly efficient, flexible and with strong adaptability. By allowing the installer to define the IP range based on the specific projects needs, network management becomes much easier. It has a centralized alarm infrastructure that allows it to support a 24/7 protection against intrusion.


Bachmann is cutting edge and innovative building infrastructure provider. They have a solution which premium applications for Offices, Hotels, Homes and IT Infrastructure.


Connection Panels

Bachmann offer a range of premium power, USB charging, data and AV component panels. Their building and supply units for floors, surface -mounted, on desks and walls. All units can be customised to your exact needs. Please see the entire catalogue here.


Bachmann is a world leader in DC power solutions for large use cases. They are bringing expanding the power of battery technology. Bachmann independent leverage their own developments in battery technology to offer infrastructure free solutions. They are currently shipping their battery powered displays with wireless presentation. Coming soon is battery power work stations and more!

MK Power Distribution System

Power Distribution Systems deliver power and data requirements in a wide-ranging number of applications providing flexible and cost-effective cable management solutions from distribution point to the user.

LMC  are a value-added reseller for the range of systems formerly known as Ackermann, which has been rebranded MK. MK are the market leader in infrastructure for distribution of power and data.


Raised Floor Systems

A range of products that will provide power and data distribution in an elevated structural floor from the mains power to the end user

Screed Floor Systems

A range of products that will provide power and data distribution in a solid floor from the mains power to the floorbox

Overhead Systems

A range of products that provide power and data distribution either in the ceiling or hanging overhead

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