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Bachmann is cutting edge and innovative building infrastructure provider. They have a solution which premium applications for Offices, Hotels, Homes and IT Infrastructure

Bachmann offer a range of premium power, USB charging, data and AV component panels. Their building and supply units for floors, surface -mounted, on desks and walls. All units can be customised to your exact needs.

Bachmann is a world leader in DC power solutions for large use cases. They are bringing expanding the power of battery technology. Bachmann independent leverage their own developments in battery technology to offer infrastructure free solutions.

Our products are inspired by the needs of the market and the ideas of our customers and colleagues. Our focus is always on creating value for you. See for yourself the variety, functionality and high design quality that our products offer.

The change in working environments

  • Permanent change in office layout
  • New Work and related methods like Scrum
  • Seeking for efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility
  • What is your challenge?



We have the technology – you the workplace


CONI’s minimal mounting depth provides sufficient space, even if installed near the edge. A wide range of standard surfaces also ensures design freedom.

When closed, the surface of the furniture and CONI produce an even surface.  If power or data connections are needed, CONI can be opened, the desired plugs plugged in and CONI is then closed again. The integrated brush insert prevents the cables from jamming.

With CONI, you are free to decide how the sockets are configured because the power strip can be quickly replaced without any tools.

Integrated functionality and flexibility not just for today, but also for the developments of tomorrow.


When not in use, CONFERENCE is integrated into the top of the furniture. When you need power or data, simply press with your finger to release the magnetic catch. The opening flap then swings up. Once you have connected your notebook, projector, microphone etc., you can close the opening flap again. The opposite narrow closing flap adapts to the inserted cables – nothing is squashed and the table stays looking as elegant as before. For use in living and work environments, on conference and training desks or high-grade workstations, for example.


CONFERENCE without a frame is fitted from the underside of the tabletop. Therefore, only the pivoting flaps are visible on the tabletop. If necessary, the flaps can be customised to match the finish of your tabletop by applying a suitable veneer of up to 2 mm (this is not done ex works).

Desk 2

Design meets technology

DESK 2 is a power strip that can be equipped with various communication modules. It has been designed for flexible use in the office, meeting rooms, home offices or desk-sharing environments. But DESK 2 is great in living spaces, too.

The power strip is made from aluminium. The connections are screwed onto the standardised module windows and can be easily converted. DESK 2 is a power strip that can be populated with various communication modules and is perfect for all kinds of uses.


Visual harmony

The original tabletop material can be integrated quickly and easily into the mounting frame, so the tabletop and connection panel form a harmonious unit.

Power Frame

Who’d have thought power could be so elegant?

POWER FRAME has an attractive aluminium cover, designed for stylish living and work environments, which also protects power and data connections from dust and dirt. When the lid is fully open, both sides offer unimpeded access.

Top Frame

Perfect Elegance

The balanced geometry of TOP FRAME fits elegantly into the surface of the furniture, so tables can even be fitted with high‑quality veneers. The cover can be completely recessed, allowing power and data to be accessed from various sides conveniently.

TOP FRAME is also elegantly simple to open! press down with your finger to simply and silently open TOP FRAME and close it again. TOP FRAME is the perfect power and data supply solution for living and work environments, such as conference facilities.

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